Maximizing Leads & Revenue for SaaS and E-commerce

Hello! We're Luis and Rui Sousa, the twin force behind Scalit

With a decade of Google Ads expertise, we specialize in tailored lead generation for SaaS and revenue growth for E-commerce, turning clicks into profitable customer engagement.

No Social Ads, PPC Only.

Yes, Our expertise is centered around PPC, focusing specifically on Google Ads. We primarily assist businesses in two key areas: generating leads and boosting e-commerce sales.

However, we don't deal with social media advertising. Our approach is to concentrate exclusively on these domains to provide the most effective and specialized service.

Our goal is all about Results. We target all types of conversions

Form Submissions

Phone Calls

Live Chats

Appointment Bookings


Free Trial Sign Ups

Why Work With Us?

Choosing to work with us means partnering with over 10 years of experience in the PPC game.

Specialists in PPC

Specializing in PPC, we excel at directing targeted traffic and maximizing ROI. Consider us your growth partner in digital advertising.

Obsessed with Results

We are obsessed with getting results. Before we scale your account, we'll make sure your campaigns are already profitable.

We are not an Agency

You won't have to deal with many contacts like in a normal agency. Instead, me and Luis will oversee the entire process and work directly with you as part of your team.

No Long Term Contracts

We're not fans of binding people with long-term contracts. That's why we offer a month-to-month policy for all our clients.

Our 3 Step Process


Before we discuss working together, you'll receive an analysis of your current Google Ads. This will cover strategy gaps, ad improvement ideas, where you're overspending, and next steps.

We'll explain the detailed report in a call and honestly tell you if we can't enhance your results.


Once you approve, we'll start developing a collaborative strategy. In your initial calls, we'll present the roadmap and clearly explain our plan to execute it, aiming to deliver results that boost your revenue.


This is where the excitement begins. Along with observing the incoming leads and sales, you'll receive reports detailing results and updates.

Your personal account manager will consistently inform you about the progress and our strategies towards achieving your goals. Regular discussions will also be arranged to gather your input as necessary.

How Do We Work?

You should get top-notch service without being stuck in long contracts. You don't need to keep a constant eye on your Google ads agency – that's our job.

With us, you get a team that really takes care of your Google account.

We'll keep making suggestions and improvements every month, making your Google Ads work better, even if they're already doing well.

And if we don't think we can make a big difference, we'll honestly tell you.

Having trouble with these Problems?

If your PPC campaigns are underperforming, there could be various reasons behind it. Here are the most frequent issues we encounter in our PPC audits.


You realize Google's platform has changed a lot lately, and you find it hard to keep up with new features and avoid mistakes that waste your ad money.


It's crucial to track conversions for optimizing campaigns. This involves monitoring phone calls, form submissions, and other similar activities.


You want to scale up and drive more conversions but every time you try to spend, your ROI drops off and costs blow out.


Your Google Ads results are okay, but you want to see more conversions and ROI from your marketing spend.


You used to be at the top of your market in PPC advertising, but competition is getting more aggressive and you’ve seen your results start to drop.


If your ads aren't appearing consistently, it might be due to budget constraints caused by wasted clicks or insufficient budget.

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